Kombucha & Sauerkraut made in Cairns, Australia


Passionfruit Kombucha

Hands down, the most wanted Booch flavour we stock! It’s sweet yet refreshing flavours have you coming back for more – Best served over ice with a large sprig of fresh mint. Warning: Share at your own risk!

Beetroot, Lime & Ginger Kombucha

TFK’s Fave! This little number is explodes with earthy flavours; offering a range of savoury, citrus and spice. Easy to drink so don’t be scared if you aren’t a beetroot lover – it’s delicious flavours are hidden by the lime and ginger whilst still giving you all the health benefits that our purple friend has to offer. The colour is mesmerising: how could something be this beautiful? 

Apple Berry Kombucha

The sweetest and hands down, one of the prettiest of the bunch - yet the lowest in calories! This tasty number offers a smooth berry flavour, balanced out with the tartness of apple. A perfect drink for the little ones wanting something sweet or even for the older crew wanting it to mix it with some naughties…

Ginger & Lemon Kombucha

This little beauty is TFK’s take on the classic ginger and lemon flavour, with ginger having so many health benefits it would be foolish of us not to include it in several of our flavours.  These benefits included digestive assistance, help with absorbing vital nutrients, and aid in the relief of cramps...just to mention a few. Lets just say it's incredible!


Pineapple, Turmeric & Cumin Sauerkraut

The brightest of the bunch, this stunner is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties, offering a mild curry flavour that stands out from your typical krauts. Add this one to warm rice dishes, salads, burger…geez the list is endless. By far, the most unique kraut available on the market.

Beetroot & Fennel Sauerkraut

Loaded with antioxidants and as pretty as can be, this beauty will spruce up any salad or pop it on crackers with your favourite cream cheese. If you’re lucky enough you will chomp down on a fennel seed and that my friends will leave your taste buds dancing!

Kale, Ginger & Garlic Sauerkraut

Simple, versatile an oh so tasty! Look closely at this number as you will see the chunks of ginger & garlic throughout. Add this one to your salads or slap it onto your next burger or snag! We warn you, once you try this one, you’ll be hooked.

Jalapeno & Lemongrass Sauerkraut

A match made in heaven with only the smallest amount of spice just to get those taste buds tingling! This one goes great with fish or seafood but also tossed through your favourite salad.

Chilli Sauerkraut

How healthy is your gut?

Look after the insides and the outside will shine!

The Fermented Kitchen

is a local business established in FNQ by 2 young, fitness loving hippies. We offer a range of tasty, mouth watering fermented foods and drinks, all made with locally grown products that are sourced right here in FNQ, to ensure we get the freshest produce we can.

Locally made in Cairns.

With fresh produce.


Best I've tasted. So easy to drink.


The reason why I love The Fermented Kitchen? Well I must say, I've tried a lot of different  brands of Kombucha and the moment I had a sip of this brand, I will never go back to any other. This stuff is like drinking liquid gold :) and when you make kombucha you have to make sure everything is done perfectly.


My Mum always told me: if it's good for you, you should eat it even if you don't like it. That is not an issue with these guys. Their products are both delicious and good for you! Check it out!


I tried the passionfruit Kombucha today at Ozmosis, and it was hands down the best I've ever tried!!


More reasons why I love this - The owners are so kind, it's local, it's made with love, it is all natural, they recycle bottles, every flavour I have tried taste 10/10, the service is great and they know what they are doing!